• Who are Peter and Joe, Brazilians. One a businessman, entrepreneur and the other impact entrepreneur
  • Find out how their business are: what they have been accomplished and what challenges to face ahead.
  • What are Antonio and João wishes and needs to face the challanges and grap the amazing opportunities
  • Understand why management and finance education are playing an important and unique role in Latin American entrepeneurship.
To become an entrepeneur: 1  decide to accomplish (difficult and laborious task); try. 2. put into execution; accomplish. ENTREPENEUR (noun masculine) Individual who has the capacity to idealize projects, business or activities; person who undertakes, who decides to do something difficult or laborious. (adjective) one who has the ability to undertake, to do something difficult.


Micro and small entrepreneurs in Brazil are already about 12 million people and in the next 5 years the projection is that they will become almost 18 million: a growth of 1 million people per year creating their business, becoming businessmen or, if you prefer a more “trendy” word, entrepreneurs.

Let’s imagine that this entrepreneur, small businessman is a person. He would be a man (women are still a minority in the country as entrepeneurs) and his name is Joe. He would live in the Southeast of Brazil (region including States of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais) and in the city of São Paulo (the SE has the largest number of micro and small business and the city of São Paulo itself, wins out of the others – RJ has 1/3 of the businesses compared to Sao Paulo city). He would be responsible for generating 70% of the family income (considering Brazil as a family) and he would support and would generate income for 50 million people). It would give employment to a large number of people, even during this period of economic and political crisis, generating more than 300,000 jobs, which would be in the service sector, certainly and working in a hair salon, cafeteria or restaurant (the former represents 13% of the service sector and the remaining 7% and 5%, respectively). If he ever decided to change his branch, should probably work in the commerce sector, setting up a market or emporium, selling cars parts or cosmetics to friends and neighbors.

During his meals with family and in conversations with friends this entrepreneur or businessman would certainly share his oppinions and information about his activity: that he is generating wealth and moving the weels of economy, helping country richness and whealth (27% of GDP). But he would also tell to his relatives and friends that the government is not his best partner because of legal framework regular changese, State is always promoting and creating a lot of bureaucracy and taxes that are taking away a big chunck of his business profit (and not have enough money to reinvest on the business) and also would complain that government has not been supportive by creating credit lines for SMB, meaning money is “expensive” for the small and medium business owner.


And how would that Brazilian who, in addition to undertaking, think about creating a business also is aware and concerned about creating a business with impact, a business that generates profit AND, at the same time, also solve a social, economic, and environmental issue in Brazil? Let´s call him Peter Like his colleague Joe, he would also lives in the Southeast region and in São Paulo city (if he was to move, should go to South region of the country), he is a man (yes, there are women entrepreneurs, arround 20%). He would have a recent business which he opened less than 3 years ago and with money from family and relatives, after all, like your friend, access to money and the financier is not so easy – in fact, much of Peter´s time he has been using to find sources of investments to be able to maintain and also expand, stagger your business. The impact entrepreneur would work focusing on other companies and organization (B2B) or customer service (B2c) and would make money through direct sales of their product or service. And the service would be focus to solve challanges and identify oportunities in education, green technologies, citizenship or health areas.

Talking with your friends, acquaintances or relatives he would say that he is happy because in Brazil, in recent years, there are people interested in supporting and investing in businesses such as his. People and organizations are supporting entrepeneurs to incubate the business (incubators help entrepreneurs in a more initial stage of creating their business and of its model to try to see if what it is creating works, that is, to validate the model proposed by the entrepreneur). He would also mention that other people and organizations have helped to accelerate impact business (accelerators work with entrepreneurs, businesses, startups that are already in the process of growing and scaling and that the model has already been validated)

Like his colleague Joe, our friend Peter, would also have his moment of outburst and would say very similar things about running a business in Brazil: that the government is not his best partner because it creates and changes the laws, that governemt should be considered a partner snatching part of the profit with taxes and also that he would rather not use family money to start his business but get money form the banks is very expensive! In addition, he would say that he is strugling to demonstrate to customers, potential partners, financiers the current and potential results of his business. Impact assessment is a challange so far for his business.


While these two friends, Joe and Peter, were workig arround São Paulo city together, they got into an antique shop in Vila Madalena neighbourhood (a cool area of the city) and end up finding a lamp. Joe  cleaned it so he can better observe the object and its value. And, all of a sudden, a magical gene appeared granting to our two Brazilian friends 3 wishes. They think for a while and pick the same whishes (for the same reasons and considering their greatest urgencies and needs): to help in business management, levarage their financial skills and education (as well as their teams), to support internal and external communication strategy to help them to comunicate their businesses purposes – and help them to reach funders.

What an incredible chance! As many Brazilians Joe and Peter had dreamed since as young teenagers to run their business. To have a career and a job in the same company for years at a place was not for them, nor for their generation. After all, why then 4 out of 10 Brazilians are dreaming and working to have their own business? – which is the highest rate in 14 years in Brazil.

Genie – been magic – knew that their whishes were no small thing. Did you know that Joe and Peter (and their businesses) did not have the profile that investors wanted: individual or funds are looking for managers and entrepreneurs with good training and dedication to their own business, businesses that already have a differential and have solutions structured and tested, and finally, business and solutions with growth strategy and potential scale (deliver results). But the genie also knew that in this exotic and strange tropical country there is plenty of money left to invest – even if business was not ready to receive!


The genie then decided to use his magic to fullfil our friends 3 wishesand make them a reality: he turned them both into excellent managers and with a great financial education. He knows that these are the key elements so both of them can walk on their own legs, without depending on their magic again! And genie´s choice was not based in a personal opinion but as a result of his wisdom and knowledge of Brazil context for quite a while. Hewas sure that only with this knowledge would Joe and Peter understand the great secret and magic power: MANAGEMENT AND FINANCIAL EDUCATION ARE HUMAN SCIENCES AND TOOLS TO TRANSFORM YOUR DREAMS AND WISHES IN CONCRETE REALITY!

So, they need to stop acting in an amateur way, to manage their business and their lives by intuition. Joe and Peter needed to understand management and financial education has a key element of habit and behavior. That  management and financial education are more thn a spreadsheet of numbers and calculations. That was the path Joe and Peter had to follow. Only then they would seen themselves as owners of their business and achieve their personal dreams – not just the success of the business or the profit