Today we will continue our relationship topic that we started on Ideia de Impacto blog last week … yes! Because here every relationship topic here worth it and can last a week! After all we need to develop our relationships always, both personal or professional ones.

Today we are going to talk about

  1. 6 pillars to build and run a action plan to maintain important relationships and connections for your business and your company
  2. The biggest relationship and digital communication mistake  that companies, entrepreneurs and businesses are making – and how to solve it with simple actions.

After all, everyone, every business, every company, every organization needs to connect! The challenge is that you can not establish a relationship and connection with everyone at the same time! And this is nothing to do with your will and hability to do it: this is a matter of time, money, means and resources, energy …

Relationships are part of everyone’s life, both from a personal and professional point of view. On average we build a network of relationships with about 150 people throughout our lives and 10% of them will be part of the group of people considered “known”. But close friends, as the old saying goes, “fit in the palm of one hand.”

Relationships have very important impacts on our lives in all aspects with reflexes on our body, our health, our well-being. But, to have a fruitful relationship it is important to mantain it over time. Therefore  we have to deal with 2 key elements: frequency and continuity. As a consequence we have to make choices and prioritize them because we can not maintain frequency and continuity with all groups, all companies, all partners, all the people that are part of our network of relationships and the good functioning and success of our regardless of the size it has.

In the previous post we talked about the three important steps to prioritize the people who are relevant to your work life, your business, or your business. Are they:

  1. List the groups or types of people, organizations or companies that are part of our relationship
  2. Zoom in and detail who is in this group or type of people or organizations
  3. Define criteria for prioritization of each one of them



To help you list and prioritize your relationships and put together a plan to put your hand on the build and complete the table below. It will be the basis for a plan of action to maintain, nurture your relationships and leverage the success of your business and your professional life.

name, email, phone, address, Skype why and what is the outcome you want to have by maintaining a contact and relationship with each of the people listed


channels and communication actions for each of them persons or areas responsible for actions set the dates and periods for each action

In the fourth column CHANNELS: you will think about the best way to communicate and maintain the relationship with this person, that company, that supplier, that partner that you listed and prioritized and that, therefore, are very important for the operation and success your business, your business or your professional life. It can be to schedule a meeting, make a coffee, send a brochure, post information on your Facebook page, make a poster to put in the neighborhood, send an email announcing new products, services or offers.

In the fifth column RESPONSIBLE: people who will be responsible for the relationship and who can help or support. As the saying goes, dog with a lot of owner starves to death, so it’s important to define who will be the one who will keep this contact and also who can support (preparing the information, building the e-mail, scheduling the conversation, building the poster, etc.). )

Finally in the sixth column FREQUENCY you will define when these actions will be performed (date) and how often (eg: every 2 months, every week, etc.). Once this column is completed, you must include it in the agenda or calendar of  all people involved and supporting the action (the RESPONSIBLE). This will help keep everything organized and planned. You need to set aside time to do this, as you usually do with other aspects of your business (prepare your inventory, organize products, pay roll, etc.). This relationship plan has to be part of the routine and the day to day things of your professional life and of your business!


The way communication – and the way we maintain our relationships as a consequence – has changed a lot in recent years. And it will change even more and much faster. So my advice is: keep an eye out and be very attentive.

The strongest trends in relationship and communication strategies point to the following elements:

  1. COMBINING RELIABILITY AND QUALITY INFORMATION: means passing information, data, content that is relevant to the people who are important to your business or your business. It does not matter if you sell products or offer services. It does not matter if it is a small garage and family business, an average company or a large multinational. People have a lot of information nowadays, coming from all sides. We humans filter out information that is relevant and meaningful to us – or have you ever had the feeling of “hanging up” when you were listening to something that was not in your best interest? And to know this there is a simply magic tool: ASK! And use your ongoing, ongoing relationship to know and keep up-to-date on what your customers want to know (woman, man, young man, etc.), what your vendor wants to know (small or large), which your partners want to know (partners, funders), what your bank (manager) wants to know.
  2. RELATIONSHIP AND COMMUNICATION MUST BE BASED ON PURPOSE: The new generation of consumers born in the late 1990s and 2000 forms a group of people who seek from business and business to demonstrate that they have a positive impact on the lives of people, in your neighborhood, in your community, in your city. So talk about your purpose. Because you created your business, because you set up your company, because you decided to work as what you work! And this can be simple: to help my family and the family of my employees, teach people to eat better, generate joy in people’s lives, etc. It’s not about talking about what your company is and what it produces or does (in the case of services), but WHY it (and you) do it. For those who have questions just search YouTube on a classic and already virial video about purpose – click HERE to access the link.
  3. TALK ABOUT STORIES (storytelling and storydoing): Stories help people connect with each other. Create links, bridges. Companies, governments, suppliers, businesses are made of people. Behind each partner, company, bank, governing body we have people. And they have a story, a life. Sharing the history of your company, your product, your service, a project, an action will help you a lot in your professional success and in your company.
  4. RELATIONSHIPS ARE BECOMING DIGITAL: using digital platforms is fundamental for the survival of your company, your business and also for your professional positioning. Like it or not! But do not just create a Facebook page, an Instagram, a Twitter or a YouTube channel. The worst mistake one can make is to hire someone or a company to just “fill” and feed the content on the different digital platforms! – and many businesses and businesses out there do just that! The content that your business, your company and you as a professional publisher matters and much to succeed in this world.
  5. RELEVANT AND QUALITY CONTENT: Remember that quality and relevant information is your key to success! The information you share with customers, suppliers, partners, supporters, financiers, banks, donors, co-workers, bosses, competitors, etc. should be relevant not to you or your company, but to those with whom you are communicating with. And you will only get to know what is relevant to each key audience while maintaining your relationship with them. That is: without relationship there is no efficient communication!


Therefore, as we have seen from a personal life and business standpoint, it is important to make choices and prioritize to make the relationship more efficient and effective, helping you to succeed in your business and your professional life.

To put your hand in the dough we need to put together an organized plan of action that has to be part of the routine of your business, your business or your professional life such as buying inventory, payroll, the contact with the suppliers, and any and every activity of your activity or professional life – to assemble the plan, you just have to draw and fill the table with the 6 columns from above …

Communication is changing and it also changes the way we relate to what is important to us. And this change will be increasingly intense and accelerated in the coming years. To understand and follow this you need to be aware of the following elements: relevance of the information to whom you speak, constancy and recurrence in the relationship with each person or company that contribute to the success of your business or profession, prioritize quantity quality, share and tell stories to connect with and be remembered by people and talk about their purpose as a company or as a professional.

Keep in mind that “Friends are the best reference in times of crisis and best source of opportunities in the time of expansion. Having good contacts is essential for the key moments of your business and your professional life “

If you want to know more about “Relationship Development” themes and the solutions that Ideia de Impacto supports and are already in the market watch the interview with Mr. Juliano Alves at our radio program Idea de Impacto Show

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