• Get your idea off the drawing board, regardless if it is a service, product or a project.

  • We ensure the inclusion of innovative and creative elements.

  • We develop  your ideia and solution implementation .

  • We mobilize  our partners network to adress the needs of your idea, regardless its stage (design / development / implementation)


  • Brings content and stories about innovation, creativity,  impact business and investments and corporate responsibility from a wide range of sectors and niches.

  • Hosted by Mr. Antonio Carlos Albuquerque since February 2018, on weekly basis with in 4 different hours.

  • Reach 20,000 people per month, with a high stantard, well educated and influential profiles.




    ✓ Including a 360º approach - map and priorities for key stakeholders

    ✓Considering brand and content positioning (online e offline)

    DEFINE FOCUS:  support your initiative, project, organization or business:

    ✓ Its definition of your responsible and impact actions and investments focus or target

    ✓Demonstrate investiments and actions outcomes and impacts

'MUNDO AFORA' (Throughout the World) PROJECT

A radio and video show that will:

  • SHOW THE MOST INNOVATIVE CITIES IN Brazil, Latin America and Europe and also will VISTI DUBAI 2020 EXPO
  • TELL STORIES of innovative, creative, replicable and impactful people, businesses, and organizations.
  • BRING UPDATED LOCAL CONTENT showing trends and information on funding, legislation, opportunities, challenges of each place visited.
  • SCALEUP & IMPACT: what people, projects, organizations and companies do. Inspire and promote replication to increase impacts.

More information on how to participate  and support, please access project short video!