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  • Because the changes generate frustration, anxiety in people / professionals. How can companies, businesses and organizations prepare for this?

  • 6 skills needed today for the future of our personal and professional life

It’s kind of obvious today to say that the world has changed … of course it has changed. But what we need to remember is that they promised some things to people who ended up not rolling … when I was a teenager they talked to study, prepare and train, that we would get a trick, stability, stay at work and have a life quiet. There retire and enjoy life. This was the pattern …

After 30 years of professional life I can say one thing: where is the tranquility? Where is stability? Where is the return on my investment in training and education? Calm down … I’m not having a break down while typing this text… I’m saying this because this “frustration” between what they promised and what we have is leaving a bunch of people uncomfortable, anxious about work and work life. The text, the script has been stuck in the crap! So much that there are many people who miss the time of yesteryear.

But many of the companies, organizations and businesses still have the same structure and logic that were created to respond to the old “scrip”: fixed schedules, hit point, avoid working flexibility, do not deploy other work schemes, measure efficiency for how many hours ” extras “the person or department did, management based on power and hierarchy and not and leadership, fear of innovation and panic to change. And I’m not just talking about big companies, but also about micro and small businesses, family businesses, social organizations.

As a result, many people do not feel more “embedded” or want to be part of the old system. That is, the staff is no longer able to withstand this model of work. It is no longer in order to spend most of its frustrated hours of life, p …. of life with what it does and continue to stand still. And they seek a way out and a change.

A lot of people will say: it’s difficult, the country is in crisis, I have to pay my bills, easy to change and follow their vocation and their desire when you have money … But it is important to give a clear and direct warning to you: to change is something POSSIBLE to do, but did not say that this is something EASY to do! My lord and my mistress must have courage! And to make it clear to everyone: courage is not not afraid of things, but the ability to face fear! Go forward DESPITE OF fear!

And I must say that when I speak of rapid change it is not just a force of expression: did you know that according to a study by the University of Oxford [1], 47% of professions (which are listed in the American Code of Professions and Activities) have 75 % of being automated in the next 20 years. That is, almost half of the professions we know today are going to be replacements for computers and machines in 2048! Your little son will be there to see, I will be there to see and you will also be there to see this happen!

Yes, I know this looks like an episode of Black Mirror only in real life (by the way, I confess that every time I see an episode my heart races … I think I’m not over the age for this … I’m afraid of having nightmares at night …). But calm down because there is a way out of this situation and yes it is possible to be part and enjoy this fast-paced world of change.

First RECOVER THE MEMORY: It is important to remember and recover our memory to realize that this is not the first and will not be the only change we have ever experienced in life. Suddenly we seem to have suffered collective amnesia! As if we never had, in Brazil, crises and changes! Only in this life I have been living for less than 5 decades I have experience the following: inflation rose from 2.477% per year in 1993 to 6.5% per year in 2018. I already bought things, went to the supermarket and spent using 6 different currencies: cruzeiro, cruzado (1986) , cruzeiro (again in 1990), cruzeiro real (1993) and real (1994), and also have survived 6 economic plans since 1986: Cruzado Plan, Bresser Plan, Summer Plan, President Collor Plans 1 And 2 and Real Plan.

Second, WE ARE A CRIATIVE AND RESILIENT PEOPLE precisely because we have passed through our recent history through many changes and because we live in a country that, to say the least, is very hectic and always changes economically and politically. And just to mention an example that is very emblematic of what the Brazilian people are and also what it is capable of doing – and take away these “defenses” in relation to our ability to change, to be creative, to be a resilient people: Rick Chester, check this guy! Anyone who is focused on the theme of entrepreneurship should know that this guy got the attention and got viral on digital platforms in the last days! Do you know why? Because being a simple guy who sells water in Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, decided to post home made videos and very simple and direct lenguage, sharing tips on how to undertake, change life … and do you know where he did a presentation, a speach? At Harvard University, talking about entrepreneurship to one of the best universities in the world. Go on the IDEIA DE IIMPACTO  YouTube channel you will find the link to Rick´s channel – and do not forget to subscribe and post your comments and oppinions about him…

That said, we are going to talk about the 6 skills we need to develop to ensure that, in the very near future – 15 to 20 years – we can continue to be a person and, most of all, a professional who will not be replaced by this new world of innovation, technology, connectivity and rapid and accelerated change . Today we are going to talk about the first 3 of them:

  1. INTRAPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE: is ability to connect with yourself, self-knowledge, control your fears, deal with your emotions, manage your habits, deal with what causes you stress, perrengue – and this is one of the biggest knowledge bottlenecks people need .

  2. INTERPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE: that the ability we have to relate to other people, to other human beings – and to those who saw the Impact Idea program last week [2], this ability is one of the key elements to actually create innovation in the world and change our reality. Generate and maintain empathy, if put in the other’s place, understand the other.

Let go your preconceptions on concepts! The so-called “self-help” books and reports have suffered so much prejudice, so much bullying from people that most of us have neglected and stoped studying, reading and understanding things that could help precisely to develop this ability. The prejudice is so intense that they had to change the name for “personal development”… and even then it not work very well as many people still have the same prejudice or preconceptions about it.

Both abilities or skills have been a “bottleneck” during many professionals’ lives because they are losing the skills they need to relate to themselves and others – and, according to experts, OVERUSE  of social networks and virtual world may be the cause and the reason for this.

It’s amazing, but universities and companies have been doing a lot of experimenting with people leaving them in environments (like a living room or an office lobby) without access to mobilies, without connection, or taking out anything that might distract them . The goal is to observe the ability to interact with others and the fact is that a lot of people did not know what to do. Companies are also analyzing the ability of young people to relate without being in the virtual world, because the skills are totaly different … And let be clear: I am not saying that either one is bad or good. They just require different skills.

3. CRIATIVE INTELLIGENCE – is the ability to provide solutions to problems that deviate from the standards, that are creative and innovative. It is the ability not only to follow what is known, the known formulas, the best practices, to follow the trends. Ladies and gentlemen, whoever has creative intelligence anticipates tendencies! The reason: old solutions will not solve new problems or will work to identify new opportunities! This skill was one of the elements that the researchers used to create the algorithm in the Oxford study that I mentioned at the beginning of the blog, which was used to calculate the likelihood of a profession or activity disappearing in the next 15-20 years

So, my dear reader, if  you work in a company, if you have your business do not follow what others are doing. Uses the best practices, which has worked so far, as a reference, an element to find other solutions, new ways. Do not replicate, do not repeat just what others are doing!

Summarizing today’s story:

  • The world is complex, interconnected, interconnected and the cake recipe to have a quiet life with guaranteed work and get back the investment and studies you did in life to be able to enjoy your retirement will not roll over. This script does not work. But he also remembered that we have already undergone many changes, many perrengues and moved on!

  • This world will need a new kind of person and new skills. And the first step is to have the courage, the guts to make that change and face the fear ahead. Catch the bull by the horn! And do it in a creative way, something Brazilian has to spare!

  • That old solutions and ways will not deal with new problems and new opportunities.

  • And we talked about the necessary skills for the future. Today we talk about 3 of them (there are still 3 others left):

  1. Intrapersonal intelligence – your ability to relate to yourself. Such is personal development.

  2. Interpersonal intelligence – its ability to relate to others: people, groups and society.

  3. Creative intelligence – ability to create and seek new paths and solutions, for new and old problems that are out there.

Next week we continue to talk about today’s skills for the future!