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  • Because the changes generate frustration, anxiety in people / professionals. How can companies, businesses and organizations prepare for this?
  • 6 skills needed today for the future of our personal and professional life

In my last text in this blog (click) I commented that there is a verification that the current world we live in is complex, that it is completely interlinked and interconnected and connected. As a nova de la depois that his puppy or cat solveu jump or jog ele pela house … Um not only, a cat bed. Also, we want to know that we are in a situation of “promessas não cumpridas”, or that the world we were promised – at least for minha geração and before – we all studied, consequently we got a calm and guaranteed job for us. power not future to enjoy gives aposentadoria happy não exists more. This text is false and does not apply to the current world. Isso têm gerado muita frustração e ansiedade nas pessoas por aí.

We also remember that we are a breeding and inventive muito povo! It is one of Brazil’s characteristics – even if it is not exclusive to two tropical countries, of course – that this is not the first time we are going through: we are living 6 different economic plans and moving 7 times of time, we have high and baixos ao longo das last decades e we are all muito bem obrigado, survive and continue to live! Viver situações de mudança é something simple, but não é fácil: it requires coragem that é a capacidade de confronmos o medo, de lidarmos com a situação.

Here we are going to talk about three future skills – which are somam as outras 3 that apresentei not previous text

4. INTARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – how is it related to technology? How do you call it? Você send not WhatsUp ou ele send em você? Fall to energy of your home and você ficar sem conexão, or what happens? We need to reflect and understand the potentialities of technology to consider in what way we can be used not every day, we do not know, we are our proponents .

But, this meas that we are going to chat with robots? That you have to study robotics and programming? No, that is not the case! And by the way: you have already talked and interacted with robots in apps or mobiles and I am sure you have no trauma about it…This hability is more than that!

Let me give you an example: blockchain is a system of information and data that was created to monitor and guarantee sefaty on criptocoins transactions that has been created in the last few years. The same technology has being used in refugee camps allowing them to purchase without money or credit card, to support job opportunities, to create a digital identity (even with cornea scans) because many refugee loose all their documents and papers when they leave their countries, usually in conflict or wars.

5. LEARNING INTELLIGENCE OU EDUCATOR – this term has been used by Murilo Gun and describes our ability to regain the ability to be self-learning. A concrete example of this ability? Anyone who has a small child, who observes child sees this live and in color! Every day! Have you seen the thirst for learning they have? Children are a sponge of information and knowledge. And over time we loose it. Our schools and eduational systemas have been designed to teach people based on transfering information, right or wrong answers, give the expected answers (although some exceptions still seek to teach negninho to think).

Can you imagine what it is to teach and educate people in a a world that we do not even know what it will be? My 5 year old nephew is going to be 30 in 2048! Can anyone imagine how the world will be at this time, how he will study, how he will have fun, how he will learn, how he will engage and interact with his friends and collegues?! The way things are changing fast! Knowing is a static condition and learning is moving. So it’s a lifelong move!

And finally the sixth skill that I add to the list because of an experience I had with a guy when I spent a 3-month season in the United Arab Emirates living in Dubai. This incredible person, an intelligent, brave, extremely kind and affectionate man is called Taric Querechi, an Indian who lives in the Emirates and who was and is a successful executive, super well connected and with connections worldwide. One day having lunch together Tariq turns to me and says: I love MAD people! MAD means crazy, pinel. My first thought was, “Yeah, crazy people think differently, they see the world differently, so that may be interesting.” But for the Tariq MAD it had another meaning:

6. MAD SKILL – “M.A.D” is actually an acronym that in English means Make A Difference, meaning “Make A Difference”! For him this word means having passion, having focus, being tenacious, having the desire to do and accomplish things! People who have and develop the MAD ability are eccentric: those people who are “out of the center” are the people who have changed the world, changed the life of their neighborhood, their community, a group of people.

So, my dear reader, I suggest that you prepare and develop your skills from today, from now on because the future will demand this from you and also because doing so I am sure you have much to gain – or rather, to recover and remember.

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