What you will read:

  • How do ideas born?
  • Why creativity and innovation are linked, but are not the same?
  • Find out why speed and impact are key success points in today’s projects.


An Idea: everyone has it! Everyone could have one. Every idea is born from a motivation: to solve a problem, a challenge, respond to a will or a desire. It does not matter, there is always a trigger. The idea is the beginning of solutions that have emerged in the world over time and history. The solution can be focused on improving something in your life,  your family members and friends, your neighborhood or city. To be in the world, an idea has a TRIP, a JORNEY to follow. It can be translated into a path with seven phases or main steps. A journey which is not something 100% smooth, having obstacles, deviations, barriers. But these elements do not stop us from traveling.

The steps are the following ones:

  1. UNCONSCIOUSNESS: is the incubation phase, the idea has not yet arisen, nor is it formless. What is there is the raw material for it. Our experiences, repertoires, references, our knowledge and information.
  2. MOTIVATION: it is the trigger that moves the birth of the idea. It is as if the elements and the raw material begin to move.
  3. CONSCIOUSNESS: at that moment the idea begins to take shape, it begins to appear. It is the moment when the combinations are made, the connections using exactly the elements that are in the “incubator”, that is, within us and also within the people with whom we relate.
  4. IMAGINATION: this is the moment of magic, of the dream, of the journey. There should be no censorship here; no brakes or filters – or we miss the opportunity to create something new, challenging, and incredible.
  5. EXPLANATION: This is an important step, a milestone within the journey. It is the moment that we decide to share, to tell our idea to others, to a third person. This is where we test our ability to “translate” our idea into something palpable. This is the moment that prepares for the manifestation of the idea.
  6. MANIFESTATION: It is the moment when we put the idea on paper. It’s the moment we say “This idea is so good I need to put it on paper!”
  7. MATERIALIZATION: the final stage of the journey. The moment the idea leaves the paper for the world! For this to happen it must have value to someone.

The moment of manifestation, value is an important aspect. To understand this, just remember a moment in your life, in any phase of it, in which you had an incredible idea (value for you) and when sharing with another person she/he got the famous face “poker face”and your amazing, unique, magic idea had no value to him and therefore it does not materialize.

Each of these steps can last for a few minutes or take months, even years. After all, as I said, it is a journey of dangers and obstacles. Who ever had a great idea and never shared it with anyone? And who told the idea to someone and the person did not understand what was explained? Or even put the idea in a clear and organized way on paper, but he’s still there in his drawer for several months.



Every idea is born of a motive, the trigger. The idea can be the solution to a challenge, the response to a demand, the identification of an opportunity or the fruit of a vision of the future that is coming soon. So far nothing new: in human history we always seek solutions to problems, challenges, opportunities.

What is different in today’s world is that changes are happening in an exponential and disruptive way! That is, the “triggers” that generate the birth of the idea and the emergence of a solution are also changing with the same intensity and pace. New solutions need to be born with two key elements: speed and impact – the last is the effect caused by an action or the influence of something in the world or in the history of a person, people, and civilization. 

And, after all, what challenges and changes are we talking about? From old challenges that gain a new scale and intensity: poverty, hunger, inequality, equity, access to education. And of new challenges: greater population in the history of humanity, longevity of this population, access to resources is limited and their existence also, sharing ideas, creation and work, hacking movement, urban mobility, among others.



Creativity is the capacity that everyone has but it must be developed with work, study, and training and with the goal of solving the challenges of the world. For chance favors minds prepared. 

Innovation is all that is capable of generating change. Look at the world around you, the signs, the references, the current and future trends and create solutions for it. 

The combination of innovation and creativity coupled with visions of impact and speed has created new solutions that, in a very short time, are part of our daily lives today. Examples of this are co-creation processes (bringing people together to improve the development and deployment of a service or product), co-working (work model that promotes and encourages sharing, collaboration, networking) (R & D conducted openly with direct third party involvement to leverage improvements in products, services and processes), social business (companies managed as traditional businesses but whose mission and purpose is to solve a social, environmental or economic problem and which, despite generating dividends, do not distribute these results). And so many others that we see arise in all places of the world in the most varied contexts.

IMPACT IDEAS are those that generate solutions for the CURRENT AND FUTURE CHALLENGES in a CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE way that promote and promote the changes in the SCALES and SPEED that the world and its challenges allow.